Hundreds of elaborate designs for boat windscreens have been produced at our Trend Marine site over the years but we are always geared up for a new challenge.

We can be completely flexible when it comes to customers’ ideas and designs and can offer flat, single curved or double curved solutions. Our range includes fully framed boat windscreens, flybridge screens – with or without stainless steel tube work – small moulded acrylic screens and even framed windscreens with a frameless appearance. Windscreen frames are available in aluminium or highly-polished 316 stainless steel.

Using laminated technology windscreens can be produced for open edge installation. Sag bent bi-curvature also allows for much larger solutions.

Traditional thermally tempered windscreens are also an option and can be single or bi-curvature.

Whatever your choice we’ll make sure it is suitable for purpose and complies with regulations.