Patio Doors

Our comprehensive range of cost effective flat or curved patio doors will meet the needs of all boat builders. Designed with quality and style in mind, doors can be manufactured in aluminium or mirror polished 316 stainless steel.

A wide variety of patio doors are available for larger yachts and Superyachts, either manually or electrically operated.

Glazed aluminium doors can be fitted with stainless steel trim for a quality aesthetic or can be silver anodised or polyester powder coated to suit every customer’s needs.

Certain yacht applications require the use of thicker monolithic glazing panels or laminated glass, and for this purpose we have a specially designed system which is a state-of-the-art top-hung powered marine door. Our megayacht patio door system is offered with a wide array of control options including PIR automation and boasts very smooth running and operation.

Inflatable seals can be used for better water-tightness, thermal and sound insulation, thicker glazing panels or laminated glass available to meet the classification standard for Mega and Superyachts.

The Endurance patio door was developed in 2013 as an economical solution for yacht builders requiring stainless steel glazed multi panel doors with manual or electric operation.

Marine doors downloadable product flyer

Range of patio doors:

Product Type Description
Type 102-30 Door, patio, aluminium, sliding, standard
Type 102-70 & 102-71 Door, patio, aluminium, hinge or bifold, available with tilt up section
Type 102-85 Door, patio, aluminium-framed, hinged, glazed
Type 102-90 Door, patio, aluminium, face-bonded, sliding and/or and fixed pane
Type 109-00 Door, patio, stainless, RINA approved
Type 112-15 Door, patio, stainless, with drop glass
Type 112-16 Door, patio, stainless with underfloor mechanism for flush floors
Type 112-31 + 112-32 Door, patio, stainless, Endurance, available in electric operation also
Type 112-40 Door, patio, stainless, bi-fold
Type 112-70, 112-71, 112-72 Door, patio, stainless, Superyacht, available also with pneumatic seals and electric operation
Type 112-80 Door, patio, stainless, Superyacht, top hung


Type 102-30 Aluminium Sliding door data sheet


Type 102-70 Bi-fold Door data sheet


Type 102-90 Patio door Aluminium data sheet


Type 109 Patio Door data sheet


Type 112-10 & 112-16 Patio door Stainless steel data sheet