Trend successfully reduces UV rays with chemically toughened glass technology

January 9, 2012

Specialist yacht and superyacht glass producers Trend Marine Products and leading yacht manufacturer Sealine International have successfully delivered a joint engineering project to reduce ingress of harmful rays from the sun.

In order to achieve this, Trend Marine has developed chemically toughened, laminated screens incorporating an interlayer that filters out 98% of ultra-violet rays. Due to the size and shape of these screens, Trend Marine has sag-bent and chemically toughened the glass in their new in-house facility at their factory in the UK. The furnace is able to produce large double-curvature screens of up to 3.2m by 2.5m in size.

The reduction of UV rays will enhance the longevity of interior materials and personal effects within the cabin. An additional benefit of this technology is that heat ingress is significantly reduced, leading to increased customer comfort and reduced demand on the air conditioning system.

“Trend Marine has really worked extremely hard on this project and delivered us a next generation product that sets Sealine apart from our competitors,” commented Mark Turner, Supply Chain Director of Sealine International. “In this competitive yacht market, it’s additional features and benefits that our customers seek. With the current expansion of marine glass technology that Trend Marine has been researching with Cambridge University, there is now a wider product group available to customers. The benefits of this market-leading research can be seen as better fabric life and lower heat transmission into cabins, which ultimately results in lower running costs and longevity with enhanced customer comfort,” Mark Turner continued.

Sag-bent glass, chemically toughened yacht screen