Unique new Opening Hull Window looks a winner for Trend Marine

September 19, 2013

Trend Marine has launched a new and unique opening hull window to coincide with the Southampton International Boat Show.

The Sargasso Opening Hull Window incorporates an opening circular piece of glass “floating” within a larger fixed pane of laminated glass. Features, which are pending patent, allow a flush frameless appearance from the outside and an ultra-sleek minimalist look to the inside. The shape of the fixed surrounding glass can be unique to support the yacht’s design aesthetic, and the entire assembly is simply bonded into the hull in the same way as a piece of fixed laminated glass.

The Sargasso Opening Hull Window is approved for use in Area 1 under the RCD for yachts up to 24m. Laminated glass throughout provides for safety and security at sea, and deadlights are not required.

Since the launch of the Sargasso Opening Hull Window the UK based company has been delighted by the initial reaction from the target customer base.

“Throughout our 40 year history Trend Marine has continued to focus on listening to our customers, and providing them with market leading innovative solutions. The Sargasso Opening Hull Window is a clear example of our innovation and attention to detail,” said Frank Buckley, managing director of the world-leading developer and producer of glazing solutions for the leisure marine sector.

“We have already won some significant orders and we are confident that many of the world’s leading yacht builders will incorporate the Sargasso Opening Hull Window into their new designs.”

It will be featured on Trend’s stand at November’s METS show in Amsterdam along with other innovations.

Jim Boulton, OEM sales manager for Trend, said: “Sargasso Opening Hull Window is already attracting major yacht builders, appealing to their exterior and interior designers and also to the manufacturing crews for its ease of fitment. We are already shipping products to customers throughout Europe and beyond. It’s a highly effective and aesthetically pleasing hull window solution that meets customers’ demands and we are forecasting some phenomenal uptake over the forthcoming months.”

The new Sargasso Opening Hull Window is designed and produced at Trend’s integrated manufacturing plant at its headquarters in Norfolk, UK.